Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Better The Camera, The Better The Result?

Often when I am out on a shoot, I will be approached by amateur photographers (who see my professional kit) and they will say "I'll bet that camera takes great pictures". That would be like going up to Cristiano Ronaldo and saying "I'll bet that Nike ball scores great goals".

Of course a good camera can improve the quality of an image, but not the content....that is up to the person who presses the shutter release button. The example I have posted above, is one of my personal favourite black and white shots. It may surprise you to discover that it was in fact shot on a Sony Ericsson K800i Camera phone that only has a 3.2 mega pixels camera capability.

Composition is key in photography. Once you master composition, your photographs will begin to look better, perhaps even "professional". Try not to get hung up on the theory that the more mega pixels your camera has, the better the photographs it will take. Only you can control the quality of the shots that your camera takes.


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